Car-Rupt trip to Madras

This is my personal tryst with car-ruption enroute Madras from Bengaluru. If you know what i mean by car-ruption, i dont want to spell it completely as i hate even spelling it and i’am quite sure most of you would also be hating this word which is most sought after debatical topic in india which only comes to lime light when some thing big like 2g scam happen in india, other wise we are too busy with our own stuff to even care about this word.

So for that car-ruption thing to hit media or become a hot topic we need some thing big to happen like 2g or coal scam so on and so forth.Let me jump into my own experience.

It was happy saturday that day, weekend which is the most looked after day for me and many other professionals who get a leave from office and which most of the people spend in a good way.Everything was fine till that night, had mast sleep, chat wid frnds good food and all. But then suddenly got a news of accident of my near ones and that near one was shifted to chennai(Madras).I had no other option but to hurry going there.

Took an auto, sighting my urgency auto walla charged more than meter. Then came near bus, this government bus conductor got me and handed over 350 rs ticket for 600 rs, i had no other option but to take and that bus was not worth the amount that i was paying for its seat, then early morning was startled by seeing that a person(vendor at bus stop)  who was speaking in telugu( with his friend) till then, when i asked( for bus no.) said politely that he dont know telugu,that was an indication that i landed in chennai(Madras) where people are so much concerned or centric about only tamil and no other language.

Then this continued, bus walla in chennai again looted me sighting the urgency.things continued and i reached near to my near ones.

Here I(used in column till now) can be any one (you, me or any one).We are often in a hurry to get our things done in a very fast way no matter how much money it costs which is unfortunate.When the urgency is in terms of medical, its ok but we are accustomed to such an extent that even for our own birth certificate we have to pay more than 4 people a token of appreciation(Curse-car rutpion).for our pass port, license so on and so forth we have to gift many people though we have everything set with us.

There are certain questions which confuses me a lot, for which there is no certain answer that i have, some questions being,

* Why dont government track car-ruption well, isn’t here a single leader who can address this question.

* how much money do you car-ruption takers need, why do you loot people.

* Why there isn’t a right forum setup by government for us to post regarding car-ruption.

* why do people hesitate to lodge a complaint for the same.

* Why do we normal people hate any relation ship with police? why there is no faith process between police and we.


I have certain suggestions for the same for government:-

Setup a toll free number across india where people can call any time and lodge a complaint against persons and the important thing being activeness from part of government to take fast n strict actions.


NOTE:- May be this is not a right forum for such topic but then this is talk by chance.

All the views are my own and not intended to anyone.

नयी सौच

चल पड़ा हू मै किस ड़गर पर
बह गया हू मै किस लहर मे
ढूड़ता हुआ मज़िल को
भटक गया हू इस भीड़ मे
फिर वक्त ने करवट बदली
आँखै नही नज़रे बदली
नज़रे बदली नज़रिया बदला
फिर लगा जैसे दुनिया बदली
सौच है नयी जज़बा है नया
इसी सौच से ड़गर मिल गयी
किनारा मिल गया 
मज़िल की राह मिल गयी
और फिर लगा भीड़ मे पहचान मिल गयी…..

The Best Comeback Ever!!!!!

This particular incident happened to me yesterday…………………..

After returning home from my daily morning gym routine, I found a missed call from an unknown number in my phone. I am not in the habit of carrying my phone to the gym due to many reasons, in particular that I do not wish to be disturbed and the gym was a minutes walk away from my place. Normally, I do not bother to call up an unknown number and inquire about its owners identity and purpose of calling me. Its an odd Indian habit of ours to call up on unknown numbers, some of which would be important (which happens rarely!), but otherwise a complete waste of time as most of the unknown numbers are usually spam or belong to ‘dedicated’ telemarketers. I emphasize dedicated here for the simple reason that all telemarketers are sincerely dedicated to irritate the hell out of us either with their hugely nasal overtones or their impeccable sense of wrong timing while making their cold-calls. I was, in this case, expecting a call from the office as I was to appear in the morning shift from my otherwise comfortably placid evening shift. There was an assignment of mine that had to be pushed before deadline, and therefore, I surmised that my bosses had made that call to graciously remind me of my much-needed appearance at the office in a jiffy! However, it turned out, that this number belonged to a rather interesting (otherwise completely idiotic!) chap with whom I would have a ‘firecracker’ of a conversation. The emphasis on firecracker will be subtly explained as follows……

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Holi Hai !!!

Originally posted on Talk By Chance:

The 3rd week of March was in and as usual I was on my way to college. I walked by the narrow-lanes past home, pre-occupied with thoughts of what kicks lies in store for me. As I wondered about my professor chewing me up for not completing the assigned work, my cloud ideas were soon blown away and all that was left were drops of water all over my face. A water balloon had struck me and that too on my head. I was a victim of pre-Holi celebrations. That was the first time I had been wet for the second time within a span of 30 minutes (the first being the morning holy shower). In milliseconds, anger had built up over my face as I looked up to find out who were the aimers. I could see 2-3 kids laughing heartily at the third level of a nearby…

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Return To Innocence

Life surely is a funny mystery….We all come into this earth with a purpose, with a special story to share. Some stories are extraordinarily beautiful, but usually they are short; some may be enriching or lacklustre, and they almost go on for a while. We always consider adulthood to be the most important aspect of our lives, for it is the age of responsibility, setting a name for ourselves and so on….but we almost forget the previous chapters of our lives, the most golden part of any story—our childhood.

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