Holi Hai !!!

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The 3rd week of March was in and as usual I was on my way to college. I walked by the narrow-lanes past home, pre-occupied with thoughts of what kicks lies in store for me. As I wondered about my professor chewing me up for not completing the assigned work, my cloud ideas were soon blown away and all that was left were drops of water all over my face. A water balloon had struck me and that too on my head. I was a victim of pre-Holi celebrations. That was the first time I had been wet for the second time within a span of 30 minutes (the first being the morning holy shower). In milliseconds, anger had built up over my face as I looked up to find out who were the aimers. I could see 2-3 kids laughing heartily at the third level of a nearby…

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Return To Innocence

Life surely is a funny mystery….We all come into this earth with a purpose, with a special story to share. Some stories are extraordinarily beautiful, but usually they are short; some may be enriching or lacklustre, and they almost go on for a while. We always consider adulthood to be the most important aspect of our lives, for it is the age of responsibility, setting a name for ourselves and so on….but we almost forget the previous chapters of our lives, the most golden part of any story—our childhood.

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Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

It was on this day a year back, we took to turn our brains and head towards a stationery shop to buy a 5 Rs. Pen….and redefine its discovery. Those days in college pens seemed to be a rare sighting and were in vision only during exams. Cases of pen robbery had risen and it was me who was looted the most. I still remember how I carried my pens nicely organized in pencil box like a school-going kid and returned home with a 2-inch pencil. People used pens for filling pages and piling on books…we did the opposite. Oh, how can I forget Atanu’s lone in 8 semesters diary cum notebook cum assignment workbook…I guarantee it might still have some pages left and Ashutosh’s drawing notebook (the official name read out as Process Engineering notebook) which portrayed sketches of his disciples cum friends and some self-notes on steps on how to take Selfies….a passion he has still endured. Amidst the entire fun frolic, lunch break was one such time we had chirpy sessions about life and people which witnessed a rise for a movement called Talk By Chance. Our grad years certainly scored a 10/10 on our minds…so we never cared about the 4/10 on our exam sheets. The speeches delivered plus the never-ending debates…all those voices transforming into articles and in the end served as fuel to flame up Talk by chance.

But times have changed and I must say this one year is probably seen the best of our changes in life. Now we sit on screens with hands on Ctrl C and Ctrl V, attempting to finish off work as early as possible and get back home…being just run-of-the-mill. We now have a boss on our heads instead of professors…green notes in place of red mark sheets and yes a joystick for playing for football. In spite of living a busy life, talk by chance has been a junction for our talks…a little bit though. I thank you guys for your articles and support. Well, there’s a message for you guys I wanted to convey and request you to give it a thought.

At times when India is on track for change…and with all the talks and articles by netas, economists, and writers adding up to more of commotion and less of action…complications have shot up in aam aadmi’s life. So, what do we do? A proverb which we learnt in our school days…”God helps those who help themselves” definitely might be an answer to common man worries. So instead of folding up hands and being an audience to this spectacle, we need to unleash our potential and set out on a drive to restyle.

I turned a bit grave in the end :p…sorry for that. Let’s hope our future struggles and talk by chance pages reflect some stupendous talks on ideas for our fellow people…and savour in the season of aam aadmi.

keep chirping :)

Do We Really Care?

It is sad to see us so comfy and complacent in our shells,
While the world around us slowly burns to hell,
It is sad to see many lives lost every day, in countries far and away,
In an age where death and genocide are mere numbers on the screen,
What do we care? We just simply shrug and walk away…….

Do we really understand the pains and horrors of war?
Can we truly feel the loss of all that had stood before?
Roads and playgrounds, once filled with sounds of joy and laughter,
Are now fields of flowing red, destruction and terror,
But what does a child’s pleading cries for help mean,
His arms raised towards the heavens, amidst the chaos and the screams,
Do we really care? We are all too busy in our ‘social’ screens…..

Clear blue skies that once were in the past,
Are now laden with rockets and jets soaring fast,
Machines guns rattle, the streets bustle with men and metal,
The shells make them run for cover,
The bullets take them down in twos and threes,
Such being the acts of carnage and violence, in a land that was once free,
But what does this all mean for the rest of the world, to you and to me?
Do we really care? We are just relieved that we are spared free…..

We simply fail to care, we just watch and stare,
See a nation tear itself apart, whole and square,
Our leaders may argue with each other,
Each threatening the other what to do,
While the citizens of the land once free,
Continue to suffer through and through,
Shells and rockets, tears and anguish, misery and sorrow,
For the glorious land and its proud people, such has the way of life become,
In the days that were lived past, and the days that are yet to come,

Are we all truly blind not to see,
A nation torn apart and its people on their knees?
Have we all turned deaf not to hear,
Their cries and pleas, their screams, and their fears?
Have we all stooped so low, in the depths of apathy?
Have we all become so cold, not to show sympathy?
But why should we care? There is nothing in it for you and me….
Why should we really care, we will just agree to disagree….

(Dedicated to the brave people of Syria…)

image source: http://darkroom.baltimoresun.com/



Why do you do it?!

What’s the priority in your life?! Have you ever given any thought to it? Have you ever considered what place do I (your beloved) hold in your life!? What will I do without you?! Do you even have the idea how much pain you are inflicting on your loved ones when you do it?! Don’t you love them enough to stop doing this when they don’t like it? Can’t you decide what is of greater importance to you?

I implore you to think. Think! Think! THINK!

And before you lay down the list of “important” things, ask yourself if “things” are really important!

Confused…?! well, that is the state in which we all are living without realising a given situation at hand nor analysing on how to react to it! So, a little addition to the existing bafflement won’t count much.

But I don’t want to leave it all to sink in the puddle of daily commotion combined with our bemusement. So here throwing some light to clear the haze but much depends on your gauge!

All the questions stated above are asked by our loved ones who truly love you, when you divulge into habits forbidden and tend to forget the whole world (and by world I mean the people who mean the world to you and the people who comprise your world. Because we don’t really give a damn to what happens in the world, whether it’s a famine or flood!)

So pay some attention to your actions! Check the fields where your thoughts wander! Listen to your conscience, it is talking to you but you’ve stopped listening to it.

One day when you’ll be walking the tree- lined esplanade by the river with a face marred by criss-cross lines of age you may want to stretch out your hand with its sagging skin to hold your beloved. But the beloved will be at a distance that is measurable by your cool technology except for the fact that the fathoms counted will be so deep that drowning will be the only solution left!

P.S. – I am sitting here, a cafe, offering me coffee/green tea/tea with cookies at any, small or big monetary amount I pay for the service. It is termed as an initiative to come together and interact but I see it as an effort to offer non-alcoholic drinks at a price that suits every pocket. So, maybe some people shift or consume more of better edibles!

By Isha Sabharwal
(I’m no preacher; just learning life as it unruffles with every passing day!)

image source: http://tothereal.wordpress.com/